Sweat Skin

There are more than 775 million of people suffering from obesity health issue. In estimation, it might increase at least 1.1 billion in the next years. While there are many facets of life that contributes to living well, feeling and looking good, the healthy way is what we are here to offer. No pills, no procedures, just a stylishly effective apparel to complement your workout sessions.

Sweat Skin apparel is made to boost your sweat production by retaining your body warmth as you work out more than 400%. It uses EPDM fabric which does not only serve its sweat boosting purpose, but is also comfortable for movement and stretching. So go about on your usual workouts - stretching, running or dancing to the beat, as Soft Snug hugs your body perfectly with the EPDM fabric sewn together securely with flat lock seams which will bring you a superb effective in getting a perfect slim body.

Over 100,000 pieces of Soft Snug has been sold, with excited reviews. As we believe in living well, so do we believe in helping others live well too.

Your health and confidence, We care.
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